Gold guarantee

Gold guarantee

The gold guarantee is warehouse paper, backed 100% by gold, which is found in a specialist warehouse. A gold guarantee confirms ownership of a physical metal that is transferred from one owner to another during transactions. The final holder of the guarantee can receive gold from the vault on demand.

– more favorable cost due to low billing costs;
– the ability to sell gold at its own price;
– a guarantee of the quality and safety of gold in a certified warehouse.

Gold guarantee is the most convenient form of gold circulation. In the course of the transaction, the gold is transferred from one owner to another. This entry is entered in the vault register, after which the new owner can leave the stored gold or receive it in his hands. Thus, this transaction offers guarantees for both parties.

Today it is difficult and unprofitable to sell gold on the Russian market. Banks fix big differences and most of them simply do not accept coins or bars, citing the lack of adequate infrastructure. With a gold guarantee, you can forget about the bank difference: you have the opportunity to sell your coins through a broker to anyone you want, setting the price for yourself.

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