Golden Antitrust Committee: First Whistleblowers

Golden Antitrust Committee

Undoubtedly, most of you know all about the Golden Antitrust Committee, also known as GATA, founded in the late 1990s by two experts Bill Murphy and Chris Powell. Their site remains the main (and probably one of the last) offering unbiased capital markets commentary that either complements or competes with the precious metals narrative.

Chris Powell is another source of causation in the global gold narrative. He should be admired and respected for what is arguably the most poignant and important quote about the state of capital markets, which he uttered more than a decade ago: “There are no more free markets; there is only intervention. ” You must understand that this was a statement made at a time when everyone truly believed in Larry Kudlow s God bless free market capitalism mantra.

Bill Murphy and Chris Powell presented more than twenty years of exposing the most destructive narrative in the history of global finance in a chillingly consistent manner. Worse, the mainstream financial media have done everything in their power to silence GATA and gold, as well as any mention of the “canary in the coal mine” that has mentored investment managers for years. Bill has spoken at investment conferences for many years, speaking in crowded halls and desperately (and in most cases in vain) trying to educate the masses about the criminal enterprises that control the precious metals markets. Bill and Chris attended Congressional hearings and presented compelling evidence of conspiracy and government justification for the illegality of market maker banks intervention.

The reason Michael Ballanger writes about GATA has nothing to do with the future movement of the gold price; however, it has a huge impact on the future direction of the integrity price. The idea that Bill and Chris are promoting is an afterthought that hasn t gotten the attention it deserves.

Alas, if you are truly intimidated by the changes in the structure of monetary management these days, then you have been immune to the design and influence of “behavioral finance”, so expertly honed and processed by a machine that selects actors as “Fed governors”, “representatives European Central Bank “or” finance ministers “who have no idea about the results of political” experiments “that have been going on since 2001. It was GATA who began to question the strange state of affairs in the gold and silver markets back in 1999, and despite widespread ridicule from CNBC, BNN and the Wall Street Journal, it was only twenty years later that RICO (Racketeers and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges were filed. several banks and market makers.

Then Michael Ballanger wrote that until someone is sent to prison (other than a petty clerk or trader), the status quo will remain in place, and of course it did. Influential people do not go to jail, and nobody cares that they are not in jail. To make matters worse, the crime is committed in broad daylight and no one is sent to jail despite overwhelming evidence – the government grants a pardon pending trial, which falls under the category of not “innocent until proven guilty,” but rather “innocent despite that his guilt is proven. “

Gold price dynamics

Those who regard Michael Ballanger as a “golden bug” should rethink this idea. He first spoke to a real beetle in 1978. The gentleman who shook Ballanger s hand with the ferocity of a wounded polar bear proudly introduced himself as “Igor.” His practical knowledge of the usefulness of gold and silver was rather scarce, but it was he who opened Ballanger s eyes to one truth.

Gold beetles never sell gold. They want everyone to believe that they are always only buying gold. However, when they have excessive leverage and are forced to sell it because it has been growing for sixteen weeks in a row, the golden beetle rule prohibits telling the sale of a position in a precious metal if (and only if) you have been ousted by the criminal conspiracy of giant market banks. -makers.

This brings us to another annoying fact: why does every golden “guru” bow after major leaps, but never apologize after falls?

Back in June, having committed blasphemy in the gold beetle community, Michael Ballanger announced a “sale” of his precious metals, tweeting that he was shorting an overbought $ 1,909 gold market not because he expected a $ 300 fall like in 1999 but just as a trading opportunity. The result was a gloomy silence during which the expert was criticized for “failing to see the big picture.”

Gold and silver are on the rise. All the “couch experts” who give their opinion on stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency assume that when the final inflationary take off in Zimbabwean style occurs, they can always open the site and see how their wealth grows. Michael Ballanger has news: if the power goes out and the banks are on the brink of bankruptcy, these poor citizens will have nothing to trade in.

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