Promising uses of silver

Promising uses of silver

In recent years new uses for silver have been discovered in jewelry, industrial and medical products. Silver has incredible properties that make it suitable for use in many industries. The Silver Institute talks about future prospects for the use of silver.

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology have discovered a way to use silver to make a very hard material that combines the best properties of glass and metal. The high-tech manufacturing process uses silver and a mixture of other components. The result is a “metallic glass” that can be used for the production of medical implants, superior in their properties to existing analogues. In addition, these implants, in addition to being strong, can reduce the likelihood of infection, as silver has good antibacterial properties.

Jewelers also continue to create new jewelry using silver instead of expensive gold. A platinum and silver alloy known as Platinaire is increasingly popular in jewelry making. This alloy consists of 92.5% silver and 5% platinum. It is resistant to oxidation, harder than silver and cheaper than gold.

Specially prepared silver nanoparticles are used as sensors to identify disease-causing bacteria. Scientists have found a way to use the optical properties of silver in this process. At the same time, silver does not kill detected bacteria.

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