Some US Coins Soar Due to Strong Demand

Obviously, the field of coin collecting will expand significantly in this decade, especially with the release of the new Morgan and Peace Dollars in 2021 and the upcoming redesign of the American Eagle starting in 2022 under the Circulating Collectible Coins Reorganization Act 2020.

Prices for some US coins

Whenever there was a major change in coin design, collectors interest increased. A prime example is the introduction of the Kennedy half dollar in 1964 and the fifty-state Twenty-five-cent series in 1999.

Now that the US Mint has accepted the maximum number of orders for some of the 2021 Morgan Dollars, it will almost certainly trigger another surge in shopping.

In anticipation of the upcoming rise in interest, two events have taken place that have already begun to drive up the prices of US coins.

FirstlySome companies will almost certainly try to sell older versions of Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars to the general public before collectible coins dated 2021 hit the market. In order to accumulate sufficient stocks before that, they began to buy them up more aggressively, including offering higher prices.

SecondlyKnowledgeable collectors understand that the coins they want to add to their holdings are likely to rise in value, so it s best to buy them sooner rather than later. Many of them did just that.

The net result of these two different sources of increased demand, especially for US coins, has been depleting dealer stocks. Their stocks have fallen on average by about 75% from their usual levels. Many good collectible and bullion coins are selling much faster than in years past. It makes sense that when demand increases and supply decreases, prices rise.

Newer Morgan dollars and Peace dollars have not increased in value as much. But due to the fact that collectors are now so aggressively chasing them, it is quite difficult to find them.

In the months ahead, before the US Mint begins shipping new coins dated 2021, the current market for older coins could be relatively stagnant. Then, when national promotions to the general public kick off, a final round of price increases could occur.

However, be careful, once the marketing campaigns to the general public are over, the prices of regular Morgan dollars and Peace dollars may start to decline. Over the next year, there will be a great opportunity to sell coins at a good mark-up.

For the less common coins of all precious metals, an increase in collectors numbers could lead to continued slow price increases long after the completion of these marketing programs.

Posted by Patrick A. Heller Jun 3, 2021 | Translation: Gold Reserve

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