The “Gold Rush 2011” conference is over


The “Gold Rush 2011” conference, which took place in London from 4 to 6 August, ended successfully. It was attended by about 400 people from 38 countries. The speakers were the most famous and authoritative analysts of the world precious metals market.

But the biggest sensation at the conference was performance of a famous gold merchant and gold miner Jim Sinclair, who addressed the general public for the first time in 8 years. The audience listened enthusiastically to his speech, asking him numerous questions during the official presentation, after which he was surrounded by people who wanted to talk to him.

The organizer of the 2011 Gold Rush conference is the GATA Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. The conference was sponsored by Sprott Asset Management, whose CEO is Eric Sprott, and Houston, Texas-based investment fund manager Sasan Sadegpour. As a token of gratitude, they received framed copies of documents confirming GATA’s victory this year in a lawsuit for freedom of information against the Fed. The document contains a letter from the Fed about the delivery of a check for the payment of attorney s fees, the check itself, and a statement signed by GATA s management: “Don t touch the Fed? Who said? That s not from us!”

During the conference, he was attracted by the statement of geopolitical analyst James G. Rickards on the possibility of a martial law and the confiscation of gold and silver by the United States government. Rickards comments confirmed GATA s correspondence with the U.S. Treasury Department in 2005 about the possibility of enforcing laws that would allow the U.S. government to confiscate gold and silver from the public under certain conditions.

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