The return of gold as money is inevitable

The return of gold as money is inevitable

Gold stock investor and broker Murray Pollitt speculates that the time for central banks to manipulate gold to contain its price is coming to an end and that we should expect gold to return soon as money.

Now we can all observe how the countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America buy gold. After 50 years of official containment of the price of gold by the United States and its allies, sovereign states around the world are finally beginning to rethink blind faith in the dollar or euro as a deposit of value.

There is only one explanation for the fact that Western central banks have been selling gold for 50 years, thus slowing the rise in the price of gold and preventing gold from being converted back into money. All this was done in order to strengthen the dollar and give it the image of a stable currency. This strategy was successful: the currencies of Western countries became the world reserve currency, which brought obvious advantages to the West. After all this, they started printing even more dollars and euros, much more than they could sell gold.

But they failed to sell all the gold and now the price continues to rise due to fears of uncertainty and greed. Fraud to contain gold prices began at $ 35 an ounce in 1933, when President Franklin Roosevelt confiscated gold from U.S. residents, and we are now in the final stages of this process. Available data and the market situation suggest that Western politicians can no longer influence the gold containment process. It would be better for politicians to keep the gold that is still in the reserves of the central banks of these countries. Buyers are not going anywhere and it will be possible to sell gold at any time.

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