Which is better to choose, coins or bars?

Which is better to choose, coins or bars?

Buying coins and solid gold bars is a common way to invest in gold. Typically, investment gold is priced according to its weight, to which is added a small trader commission (premium).

The best weight for investment coins is 31.1 grams (1 troy ounce), the weight of the bars is 50 grams. From this weight, the products have a small increase and their resale is possible at the market price or even higher. The most practical option is to buy 1 oz coins as they are the most common and easiest to resell in the future. Small coins and bars are thought of primarily as souvenirs and therefore have a larger increase.

The main difference between gold coins and bullion is in the form of a guarantee of their proof. Gold coins are minted by the treasures of many countries and are the legal tender currency of the respective state (such as cash). This means that the purity of the gold of the coin is guaranteed by the country of origin. Gold bars are not of legal tender and the attached certificate confirms their purity.

Typically, the value of investment gold has three components: the market price of gold, the costs of the manufacturer, and the commission of the intermediary (premium). Therefore, coins and bars are never sold at the market price of gold, even if they are exchanged in it by individuals. The higher the purchase volume of gold, the lower the market valuation of gold.

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