Benefits and uses of silver

Benefits and uses of silver

Silver and gold are similar in many ways. Both are precious metals. But silver has some advantages over gold, thanks to which silver can be important in the future and have a wider use.

The enemy of gold is gold itself. Gold extracted from the entrails is not used much. It is mainly used for jewelry production and also for investment. But if the price of gold goes up, it can be easily returned to the market from these areas.

The situation with silver is quite different. Most of the silver extracted annually is used in industry, mainly in electronics. Thus, large amounts of silver are permanently lost and cannot be returned to the market if necessary.

Most of the gold is stored in the vaults of the central bank, but you will not find silver in them. This is due to the long-term silver shortage in the 1980s, which was caused by inefficient mining in the mines. Therefore, states have had to systematically cover this deficit from their reserves and today these reserves are depleted.

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