Fraud in the precious metals market. Part 1.

Fraud in the precious metals market.  Part 1.

Investment consultant and founder of consulting firm SmartKnowledgeU JS Kim discusses fraud in the containment of prices in the market of precious metals. He also believes the price of gold could double more easily.

Anyone familiar with my articles on gold and silver for the past six years knows, as I said back then, that gold was cheap at 500, 600, 700, 1000, and 1200 per ounce. I said the same thing about silver. Today I will repeat my words and say that gold is still cheap even at the price of $ 1,500 and $ 1,600, and silver remains cheap in the $ 40 range, as the largest increase in the prices of gold and silver, as well as for shares of gold mining companies, has not yet happened. This can be expected in the next 4-5 years. This does not mean that gold and silver will have no corrections in the future. Of course, they will have price corrections, as this is typical of precious metals. In recent years, I’ve written a lot about this topic, because I think anyone who doesn’t own or don’t own physical gold and silver is just crazy.

Hundreds of millions of investors around the world have succumbed to the propaganda of Western bankers and deliberately failed to invest in physical gold and silver. Any investor should understand one of the first realities in the gold and silver market: the principle of “supply and demand” does not apply here. In today’s financial and banking world of deception, the price of gold and silver is not driven by the physical demand and physical supply of these metals. The price of these precious metals is set through contracts for the demand and supply of artificial paper, most of which are not backed by any physical metal.

These facts are known to regular buyers of physical gold and silver, but are completely unknown to the common man and the novice investor. CPM Group, a commodity consulting and research firm, published the following paper in 2000: “Since the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA) began publishing monthly precious metal trading data, market participants have known that 100 times more gold and silver is traded each year than is produced or used.Some precious metal market participants were very surprised at how it was possible to trade 10 billion ounces of gold annually in major markets compared to 120 million ounces of gold. total supply and demand and silver sold for 100 billion ounces a year. new physical silver shipments amounted to 628 Moz “. It is now clear what kind of machinations are committed by banks specializing in transactions with precious metals in the silver futures market. These scams even outweigh the scam in the gold futures markets. A simple calculation of these numbers shows that bankers sold 160 times more “ounces of paper” of silver annually than mines produce silver each year.

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