Gaddafi can bribe tribes with his gold

Gaddafi can bribe tribes with his gold

Tripoli’s gold reserves amount to $ 10 billion, some of which Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi could use to bribe some tribes and cause even more chaos, said Farat Bengdara, the former chief governor of Libya’s Central Bank.

“In Tripoli there are physically $ 10 billion in reserves. And now, when Gaddafi is on the run, he could take some of those reserves with him,” Bengdara, who fled Libya, said in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della. Sera posted on Thursday.

According to him, initially the colonel was “desperately trying to sell” gold, but now “he is probably trying to pay or bribe some tribes or volunteers to save and cause more chaos.” Bengdara also suggested that the colonel could flee to the city of Sebha, located in southwestern Libya, or to the border with Algeria.

Speaking about the country s gold and foreign exchange reserves as a whole, the former chief governor of Libya s Central Bank noted that “Libya does not need donors because it is a rich country” and its reserves are $ 168 billion, but moment they are all frozen.

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