It is not too late to buy gold

It is not too late to buy gold

Gold has been growing for the twelfth consecutive year, and in the last 10 years, the average increase in gold prices per year has been 20.5%. This is an incredible profit, but investors in gold should consider gold not only as an investment, but primarily as money. Gold reflects the false actions of the government to destroy the value of paper coins by issuing them in very large quantities.

Since the price dropped in 1999, gold has increased in value 7 times. Is it too late to buy gold? The answer to this question will sound categorically: NO. Despite the sevenfold increase in the price of gold, only about 1% of the world’s financial assets are invested in gold. We are talking about large financial institutions. Not only do they not own gold, but they also do not fully understand the meaning of gold and its role as an investment asset. No wonder your investments fall in value.

It is simply surprising that an investment asset like gold has been growing for at least 10 years in a row and at the same time so few investors are investing in it. 10 years of price growth: isn t this a sign of an upward trend in gold?

Economic problems around the world will force central banks in the United States, Europe and other countries to print more money. And the price of gold will only reflect this process of destroying the fiat currency system.

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