John Embry in the physical market of gold and silver

John Embry in the physical market of gold and silver

Sprott Asset Management chief investment strategist with a $ 10 billion capitalization John Embry gave his next interview to King World News, in which he talked about the situation with the dollar, the U.S. national debt, and the gold prospects. and silver. .

When asked about the dollar situation, John replied, “The only reason I follow is how gold behaves in relation to all currencies, as today only gold is real money. I think we are now in a situation where someone says: Look, the dollar has strengthened again and this is bad for gold, so for me this is the most absurd comment of all, because if the dollar has strengthened and is the strongest currency in the world right now, this is the best reason to buy gold, as the dollar is a scam. “

Regarding gold, John Embry said, “There is no doubt that the gold market has moved to the next stage. I think the gold market has been even more manipulated than was thought to keep some order and not cause panic, but this will soon end and predicts an explosion in the price of gold and silver.We are also moving to another phase of the market, when the change in the dollar rate will not have as strong an impact as before, when the dollar could lower the price of gold. “

John also added: “I thought there would be measures to keep gold below $ 1,600 an ounce, but this has not been done. This demonstrates the inherent resilience of the gold market. There is no doubt that the basis has been created for further increases in prices. “

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