The golden beetles were right after all


Analyst and investor Eric Sprott warned about the events that are now taking place in the world for a long time: the price of gold exceeded $ 1,660 per ounce, stock markets fell 11% in two weeks, money market interest rates they are below zero, the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the United States is gaining strength, banks are panicking and economic growth may turn into a recession.

All of Sprott’s luck comes from his economic knowledge of gold, money, and misuse of the financial system by the government. Along with other gold advocates who advocate sound economic policies, Eric Sprott’s ideas seem to be the only rational explanation for the causes of the global financial crisis.

Perhaps someone can doubt the veracity of the ideas of Sprott and his followers, but how to explain the fact that they find more and more followers and receive support from them. Just look at the current traditional economists who have not been able to properly explain the reasons for the current crisis and propose ways to solve it.

The final stage of the Sprott scenario is the massive printing of money by central banks to cover financial and sovereign debts that taxpayers will not pay or cannot pay. Printing money with such volume will be a trigger that will drive up the price of gold, who knows, maybe up to $ 6,000 an ounce.

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